John Howard’s Inside Guide To Buying & Selling Property At Auction


With increasingly more people, from all walks of life, getting involved in buying and selling at auction, John Howard once again puts pen to paper to offer advice and knowledge on all aspects of the auction process.

As one of the UK’s most experienced property developers, John Howard has bought and sold over 3,500 houses and flats in his 35-year career. He was Director and Shareholder of Auction House UK until a successful sale in 2018 and is currently a Director and Shareholder of a number of estate agencies across East Anglia.

In this, his third book, he shares his vast experience in buying an selling property at auction, offering lots of insider tips and practical advice, including…

* Different types of auction
* The auctioneer and his/her role
* Selling and buying at auction
* Preparing the auction lot
* Offers and prices
* Unsold lots and what to do with them
* What happens if a buyer doesn’t complete?
* What happens at an auction?
* Different Types of opportunities
* Where to find deals

John Howard has been on all sides of the auction business. He’s been a client selling at auction; someone who has purchased many properties at auction, and he’s also owned a share of the largest property auction business in the UK based on the number of lots sold each year.


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