Move Right

A comprehensive guide to successfully buying & selling property, reducing stress, saving you time and money.


John Howard utilises his forty-year career in property to provide an enlightening read about the challenges of buying property. Whether it is your first home or fifth, this book is a product of the purchase of
around 4000 properties, and all the experience that comes along with it.

Covering the entire process, from how to get prepared before you arrange to view properties, to completing on a purchase and beyond. Whilst also offering detailed and practical guidance on the particular challenges that afflict different styles of home.

This book includes information on…
• Getting your team together
• Mortgages explained
• Viewing all different types of property including apartments and listed buildings
• The questions you should be asking
• Negotiating successfully
• How to get from agreeing to purchase to completion
• Avoiding numerous pitfalls
• What to look out for on different types of properties
• Things to consider when buying in the city, town and countryside
• Building and maintenance issues
…and much more!

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  1. Nick Dale

    Throughly recommend this easy to understand and very useful book. It really helped me to understand what I needed to do and iI expect has saved me money too. The author has communicated his knowledge in a way that’s easy to follow without being too esoteric.

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