John Howard’s Inside Guide To Advanced Property Developing & Investing


Developing property can be an extremely rewarding occupation, but in order to ensure you make a profit, you need to know the best way to proceed and the pitfalls to avoid.

As one of the UK’s most experienced property developers, John Howard has bought and sold over 3,500 houses and flats during his 35-year career. John is also a regular participant on Property TV and a public speaker on property developing and investing, helping those entering the world of property dealing or those who want to widen their property portfolios.

In this, his second book, he shares more of his vast experience in property development and investment, offering insider tips and hard-nosed, practical advice on the business, including…

* Step-by-step guide to conversion
* New build developments
* Listed buildings
* Planning permission and land promotion
* Converting commercial to residential
* Formal and informal tenders
* Commercial and residential investments
* Trading property
* Becoming a bigger developer and investor

Whether you’ve just experimented a little with property developing, or are currently looking to make your first million, this book is for you!


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