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In every investment or development, unforeseen circumstances are bound to arise, John’s seminars will arm you with the knowledge you need to tackle them. In each property development seminar, John sets out a comprehensive blueprint for the stage of the property journey you are in. Complete with proven strategies to navigate obstacles, avoid common pitfalls, and get projects back on track, and maximise profit.

The knowledge you’ll unlock by attending a John Howard property development seminar will be the key to your continued success in the property industry. With experience-led advice delivered in a structured format to guide you in the right direction, you’ll walk away with actionable steps you can put in place to enhance your unique property portfolio.

2024 DATES

4th & 5th March

17th & 18th June

18th & 19th November


John Howard’s brand-new two-day seminar programme gives you the tools to go further in your property journey. This intensive course is ideal for those looking to gain the confidence and skills to push on to do bigger and better deals.

John utilises personal experiences gained throughout his forty-year career to furnish you with tactics that you can use to make property developing and investing a smooth process, and to maximise profit in whichever sector you chose.

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What our clients say Testimonials

I have been to several property courses and seminars over the last few years trying to develop my knowledge. I learnt more in the first half an hour at your seminar than all the others combined! Thank you!


Thank you for a brilliant seminar today, it was great to hear from someone who has such vast industry knowledge and is enthusiastic about what they do. I was on the fence as to whether property development could be a choice for me after graduation. After hearing you speak today it is most definitely something I will be pursuing – I was very inspired.


It was refreshing to hear from someone who has actually traded, invested and developed property and has traded in lots of different market states. Enlightening!


Navigate Your Property Journey Other Steps

Property Consultancy

Get advice on real property scenarios as you experience them with John Howard’s one-to-one consultancy. Learn more about the guidance and support John can offer you on an individual basis.

Property Consultancy

Recovery Fund

The John Howard Recovery Fund can assist with a wide range of part-completed property projects, whether new-build or conversions, houses or flats. We are prepared to make intelligent commercial decisions to ensure the best outcome for those involved and the communities we impact.

Recovery Fund

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